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This Week @ the
Community Church of Boston

565 Boylston Street, Copley Sq.


"A Radical Pulpit In Action"

A Special Message from Reverend David Carl Olson, CCB Minister and Leader and President, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization


The Community Church is located at 565 Boylston Street in Copley Square, between Dartmouth and Clarendon Streets. By public transportation, the closest stops are Copley on the Green Line and Back Bay on the Orange Line.

Public parking is available on Sunday mornings at the Back Bay Garage. Entrances are on Clarendon Street and St. James Ave. A red coupon is available at the church for discounted parking ($3 until 1:30 p.m.).


There is space for children's activities, as well as arts and crafts supplies for children. Church volunteers can provide childcare supervision when needed -- please call the church office, in advance if possible, to let us know the names and ages of your children (617) 266-6710.

Reconstituted & Refurbished!

Community Church WEBSITE

Feb. 2004 CCB Newsletter
(PDF file)

** Sunday Speaker Platform Series for Winter 2004 **


Mar., 14 2004  10:45 a.m.


Third address in the "Corporation Nation" Series:  "On Being a Gangster for Capitalism"

Ward Morehouse is president of the Council on International & Public Affairs, a research, education and advocacy group working on environmental and social justice issues. He is also a co-founder of the Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy and former chair of the Intermediate Technology Development Group of North America. He has written or edited some 20 books, including The Bhopal Tragedy, Abuse of Power: The Social Performance of Multinational Corporations, Worker Empowerment in a Changing Economy, Building Sustainable Communities and The Underbelly of the U.S. Economy.

Using Gen. Smedley Butler's infamous observation about his career in the U.S. Marine Corps as a starting point, Mr. Morehouse will examine corporate power and popular resistance in an imperial age. This will lead to an expose of the instuments of corporate rule, post-9/11 repression and penetration of the global political economy by the U.S. corporate empire.


Music by Patrick Keaney & Jonathan Dorsett


 Next week: March 21     Sharon Kennedy, "The Strike for Bread & Roses: Lawrence, 1912"
Storyteller Sharon Kennedy returns to our platform with an intimate,
                                   moving rendition of the first successful strike of immigrant labor in U.S.
                                   herstory. Ms. Kennedy's performance stresses how the 1912 struggle
                                   broke down bitter hatreds among minority groups, making real the
                                   concept of a "melting pot". Women and children of different ethnicities,
                                   working together, forged a coalition of the most downtrodden,
                                   mistreated and powerless Americans.


Activist On Trial:

Housing organizer Camilo Viveiros, a former  Boston resident who currently works in Southeastern Massachusetts, was arrested while protesting the Republican National Convention on  August 1, 2000.  Roughly 400 people were arrested in these protests, and Camilo was hit with particularly serious charges due to the  involvement of the police commissioner that could carry a sentence of 15 to 40 years if he's convicted. John Timoney, the Philadelphia police commissioner at the time, has used his handling of the RNC protestors to build his own career. 

Camilo is a long-term dedicated organizer. He works in the community where he grew up and  understands the interconnectedness of different issues. If he is sent to prison, it will be a  huge loss for the community.  Furthermore, if Camilo is sent to prison, it will send a chilling message to everyone who values the  right to protest against injustice.  In the current post-9/11 climate, protecting this right  is more important than ever. Huge protests against the FTAA are planned for early November in Miami, where John Timoney is currently police chief.  A conviction in Camilo's case could lead to more repressive measures there.

For more information about Camilo, see
If you have questions, write to



COMMUNITY CHURCH OF BOSTON is an independent -minded, radical religious community, a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization.



the Poetry & Politics of Resistance ~a fund & awareness raiser brunch to defend Camilo Viveiros~

SUNDAY, MARCH 21,2004 BRUNCH STARTS @ 11AM AS220 115 Empire St., Providence, RI tel: 401.831.9327

Join Puerto Rican poet and author Frank Morales from the Lower East Side of New York City and Gan Golan one of the first F.T.A.A. (Free Trade Area of the Americas) protesters to go to trial, for the politics and poetry of resistance to repression.

Mr. Morales is an ordained reverend and a social activist against police brutality and political repression. He is one of the cofounders of the New York based "Campaign to Demilitarize the Police" (

Mr. Morales will present his research and perform poetry from the pages of his work published in the journal Covert Action ( ) and in the book Police State America. Police State America is an anthology that details military and police efforts in the interest of corporate sponsored social control. He will share slides and short film excerpts followed by a discussion and a brunch to raise awareness and funds for the defense of Camilo Viveiros.

Gan Golan is an M.I.T. student who was one of the first of the Miami/FTAA defendants to go to trial. Along with many others he was gassed and beaten by the police while protesting the corporate backed F.T.A.A. The brutal behavior of the Miami police toward protesters has since become known as "the Miami model". Mr. Golan is a cofounder of the Boston based project "Beyond the Criminalization of Dissent" which seeks to generate public awareness about John Timoney's model of repression (Philadelphia & Miami).

Mr. Golan has also worked against Timoney's consulting role for the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

John Timoney was the police commissioner of Philadelphia during the Republican National Convention in 2000. Timoney is directly responsible for Camilo's charges. Timoney went on to coordinate police repression in Miami. John Timoney's law enforcement practices threaten not only Camilo's freedom but also all of our liberties. We will discuss the implications Camilo's case has for the upcoming protests during the Republican National Convention in New York.

The brunch will gather legal funds to defend Mr. Viveiros against trumped up charges stemming from protests countering the Republican National Conference in 2000. Camilo Viveiros is facing a 15-30 sentence if he is convicted on charges that are part of a coordinated strategy to villainize protesters as dangerous and violent. 

The brunch and presentations will include a discussion about attempts to limit civil liberties in Rhode Island. We will discuss challenges to our freedom of speech, assembly and expression. Join us for this important event. Stand up for your rights!

BRUNCH WILL BE SERVED 11am through 2pm at AS220 Frank Morales and Gan Golan will present at 2pm at AS220 A $10 Donation Requested Additional Donations are Welcomed Call Neal @ 401.831.9327/401.454.5865 for more information or see:


    In the spirit of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. on the holiday commemorating his birthday:

    RALLY & MARCH: Monday January 19th * 4:00p.m. Press Conference at the MA State House, Boston * 5:30p.m. march and rally
    to Tremont Street Military Recruiting Center

                  " for healthcare, jobs, education, and housing - not for occupation, empire, and world domination..." 

    Partial list of sponsors:
ANSWER Coaltion (617-522-6626 / Greater Roxbury Workers Association,
    Women's Fightback Network


Bl(A)ck Tea Society: Next twice monthly meeting reminder: Mar 17, 2004

"This city belongs to the people of Boston, not the corporations or
politicians. Let's defend it!"

Wednesday, Jan 21,  there will be another meeting to plan out the resistance
to the DNC. Open to all anti-authoritarians. At the meeting we plan to (among other things): prepare for the February Consulta, continue to work on a convergence center, prepare for a Temporary Autonomous Zone and much more... If you are interested please attend.

We will meet on the steps in front
of BU's Tsai Performing Arts Center (on Commonwealth Ave) at 7pm (Depending on the weather, people might also be waiting directly inside the main doors). Then go inside to find a room to use.

If you are interested but
unable to attend please contact someone who is attending so that your ideas can be represented or at least drop an email at  For more information contact


Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2003 - Protest Against the War!

5:30-7:00pm in front of the Military Recruiting Center on
Tremont St., Boston (between Park St. T and Boylston St. T)

* Bring the Troops Home Now!

* End the Occupation of Iraq!

* Money for Jobs, Education Housing & Healthcare
   Not for Racism & War!

* Military Recruiters out of Our Schools and
   Our Communities!


A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
(Act Now to Stop War & End Racism)

31 Germania St.
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


Forum: How Best to Help the Homeless this Year

Tuesday Dec. 2, 2003 5-7:30 p.m.

Cambridge Senior Center, Central Square,
806 Mass Ave. Cambridge

What makes a program work successfully with the homeless? With severe state and federal budget cuts, how can we best donate to homeless service organizations. Since 40% of homeless work full or part-time, how can we abolish homelessness? Sponsored by Cambridge Action Fund, Inc., a 501 c3 where all operating costs are donated so 100% of donations go to help the homeless. For more information or
or 617-547-1413.

To donate, send tax deductible contributions to CAF, 1657 Cambridge St. #3, Cambridge MA 02138-4316. CAF, Inc. is a collaborative of businesses and citizens committed to sharing a portion of our income to improve the quality of life for ALL, especially the homeless. Simple refreshments provided.



Contrary to our President, & Legislators  who talk, act & vote as if it's a hoax, we're burning our way to a hot, suffering climate.

Please join us in person or spirit for our 3rd annual "Grassroots Climate Action Conference" Sunday November 16 at
Tufts University.

(Details at

 Build the movement for climate sanity. Inform ourselves and start local climate & energy groups, much as we did for recycling in the '70's - and push from below.  Our conference can help.

Sunday, Nov. 16, 2003 - Tufts University -- 9 am - 5:30 pm, Cabot Center, 170 Packard Ave, Medford, MA

18+ Workshops including:
Local climate action plans & GHG reduction strategies; Climate change science, human & ocean impacts, solutions;
Regional climate plan & realities; Greening town & gown; Green schools & capital projects; VMT's, fuel use & SUVs;
EcoTeams - Lifestyle Shift; Community wind projects & Cape Wind.


Protest of Israeli Wall: Sunday November 9, 2003

In commemoration of the day the Berlin Wall was torn down, and pursuant to worldwide calls from the Palestinian Environmental NGO Network and the UN Palestine NGO Task Force for an International week of Protest against the Wall being constructed by Israel in the Occupied West Bank, the Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights, in collaboration with Grassroots International, United for Justice with Peace (Israel/Palestine Task  Force), Visions of Peace with Justice in Israel/Palestine, and Jewish Women for Peace and Justice will launch a week of protests from November 9 to November 16.

Speakers at the Sunday November 9th event in Copley Square (noon to 2 p.m.) will include:

Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner

Rev. Robert Tobin, Rector, Christ Church Cambridge

Ms. Amal Jadou              Nancy Murray, ACLU of MASS

Alice Rothchild            Leila Farsakh

Charlene Hauptley-Pierce, Rachel Corrie's cousin

Renae Grant                       Martin Federman

Ridgely Fuller                 Tom Wallace

Joe Previtera

We invite volunteers from all organizations to sign up to help. Please indicate which day or days you will be available and make sure to include your telephone number. Please email to:

Two of the Democratic Party candidates for president will visit and speak in the Boston area:

Dennis Kucinich

Friday September 19, 2003

Keynote Speaker, MA Peace Action Awards dinner -  starts at 6:00p.m. - First Church Congregational, 11 Garden Street, Cambridge MA. Tickets $46 to mark 46 years of peace and justice work!

Recorded by I.B.I.S.  Available for a small donation - for details

Howard Dean

Tuesday September 23, 2003

Democracy, Freedom and Action Tour - 11:45a.m. - Copley Square, Boston, MA

Recorded by I.B.I.S.  Available for a small donation - for details


 ** Charlie King and Karen Brandow perform 2:00 p.m. Saturday August 23 at Plymouth Library in Plymouth, MA.  Songs
   and dramatic  performance commemorating 76th anniversary of execution of Sacco and Vanzetti.  FREE - Charlie King website -
   directions to Library **

** NEWS FLASH **  Vice President Dick Cheney  will visit Hopkinton, MA on Mon. June 23, 2003 for a Republican fundraiser:

DETAILS from (please email to be put on a list for further updates)

"I'm writing to tell you about an upcoming event you might be interested in. Dick Cheney will be in Hopkinton (the town where the Boston Marathon starting line is) on Mo5nday, June 23, for a big Republican fundraising dinner at the home of Richard Egan. Egan is the founder of EMC Corporation and was Bush's ambassador to Ireland from 2001 until December 2002. Metrowest Partners for a Just & Peaceful World is organizing a protest in Hopkinton during Cheney's visit. I attended the planning meeting for this at the Peace Abbey last weekend. The demonstration is tentatively titled the "We The People's reception for Dick Cheney". It will probably be in the late afternoon/early evening on Monday, June 23. Metrowest Partners are hoping they will get a lot of people to come out to demonstrate. There might be a lot of media coverage. It would  be  great if you and/or other people you know would be able to come. Let me know if you are interested, and I will keep you updated on the logistics."

TUESDAY JUNE 3: "Close Up of Iraq” with Iraq Peace Team member, Ed Kinane,
back alive, despite our countries efforts, from his two months in Iraq.

Cambridge Peace Commission and Cambridge UJP 617/349-4694.
7 - 8:30 PM, Central Square Branch Library
(45 Pearl St)

TUESDAY MAY 20th, 2003, 3:30pm (in Boston,MA)

A procession march for Rachel Corrie, (FYI, this link contains graphic photos of Rachel Corrie, the day she died) Human Rights Workers, Journalists and Palestinians targeted by the Israeli Military.


3:30 p.m. - Meet at Park Street Station (Red/Green Line stop)

4:00 p.m. - Silent March Past the Israeli Consulate (20 Park Plaza, near Arlington Station on the Green Line)

5:30 p.m. - Vigil in Copley Square

Organized by Boston-to-Palestine (b2p) : and sponsored by United for Justice with Peace, Boston Committee for Palestinian Rights, Visions of Peace with Justice in Israel/Palestine, and Jewish Women for Justice in Israel and Palestine.


MIT Western Hemisphere Project  presents: "Human Rights & the U.S. State Department"

Wednesday May 7, 2003 at 7:00p.m.  -  MIT 10-250 (directions)

John Shattuck, former US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, & Labor will address: (1) the US government's historical role in the universal fight for human rights: how the Executive and Legislative branches perceive the role of human rights in US domestic & foreign policy; (2) the battles within the US government bureaucracy when it comes to documenting human-rights abuses in "friendly" countries; & (3) human-rights challenges in the next decade, both in the US & elsewhere. He will also discuss the case of MIT student Lori Berenson, who is now serving a 20-year sentence in Peru on terrorism-related charges.

Saturday  March 29, 2003

Photo by and courtesy of Charlie Rosenberg. For more pictures:

Thousands Rally for and Against Iraq War

By MATT PITTA, Associated Press Writer

MASHPEE, Mass. - Massachusetts rallies both for and against the war with Iraq (news - web sites) included a "die-in" at Boston Common and patriotic songs near a military reservation Saturday in two of many demonstrations across the nation.

American flags, patriotic songs and chants of "U-S-A!" filled the air in Mashpee, down the road from a military reservation that is home to Air National Guard troops deployed to Iraq.

"This is not a war of conquest, it is a war of liberation," retired U.S. Navy (news - web sites) Capt. Thomas Hudner told the crowd of about 2,000.

About 60 miles north at Boston Common, a police-estimated crowd of 25,000 protested the war. Nuns, veterans and students listened to speakers and musical acts before marching to Boylston Street for a "die in," during which they collapsed on the streets to dramatize war deaths.

Eric Weltman, (communications director CPPAX) one of the protest organizers, said it was intended to show opposition not only to the Iraq war but to potential U.S. military action elsewhere.

"We're working now to stop the next invasion," Weltman said. "We've invaded Afghanistan (news - web sites) and Iraq. Who's next? Iran? North Korea (news - web sites)? Colombia?"


Wednesday March 19, 2003  (for those of you in the Boston area)

Thirty-six anti-war protesters arrested in Boston

By Mark Pratt, Associated Press, 3/19/2003 16:58

BOSTON (AP) Thirty-six anti-war protesters were arrested Wednesday at various demonstration sites around Boston, including the city's financial district and near City Hall, police said.

Ten of them, who were arrested near the Boston Stock Exchange, were arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on charges of unlawful assembly and disorderly conduct. They all pleaded innocent and were released on personal recognizance.




Dear Peace People--

A day long gathering (8:30 am to midnight) is planned for this Wednesday, March 19th, at the JFK Federal Building, corner of Cambridge and Sudbury, very near Government Center.

Share this moment of sadness with others as we bear witness to the horror our government is planning to inflict on the people of Iraq. We'll have photos of Iraqi children and families mounted on black for you to hold. There will be photos of victims of war in the US as well, including gulf war veterans. Everyone come! students, labor, religious groups, peace activists, community groups and all citizens who sense that this is a terrible, immoral act, done by our government in our name.

Bring your instruments-- Bring your friends, Come and chant, Come and sing, Drumming welcome-- Join us as soon as you can, for as long as you can. Candle light vigil after dark. Civil disobedience for those who want to do this.

Pre-action meeting to be held at Church of the Covenant, 67 Newbury, at 7:30pm Tuesday evening for scenario updates, affinity group formation, Civil Disobedience information and community building. If it turns out that the Day of/Day After rally is called for Wednesday night we will move from the JFK building to Government Center at 5:00 to participate in the rally there.

Sponsored by United for Justice with Peace and others.

Peace, Paula and Amy, Coordinators email 

Sunday March 16, 2003

Activists call for US and worldwide candlelight peace vigils this evening at 7:00p.m. Eastern.

For details:

Photos of some of the hundreds of people who gathered             Newton Dialogues on Peace & War
in Newton, MA taken by David Goodman

Saturday March 15, 2003

"From Lexington to Boston, MA, thousands rally against war along Massachusetts Avenue."

Weekend protests spurred by the approach of conflict with Iraq

By Theo Emery, Associated Press, 3/15/2003 17:37

BOSTON (AP) Nuns and parents, veterans and politicians hoisted anti-war signs and rallied for peace in Massachusetts on Saturday, as demonstrations in cities throughout the state and the world made a last-ditch effort to halt military action against Iraq.

Sister Fran Repka, 60, a Sister of Mercy from Cincinnati, Ohio, stood in a crowd of about 200 demonstrators on the Cambridge Common, singing with fellow nuns and holding a sign that read on one side ''No war with Iraq,'' and on the other side, ''Peace.''

''I feel for generations to come that this will have dire consequences for all of us. We will not be safer because of this war,'' she said. ''It's very sad, and it's very upsetting, and very angering that our leaders cannot find alternatives.''


Photos of protesters in Central Square, Cambridge
by Charlie Rosenberg. Thanks!

In Washington D.C., thousands of people surrounded the White House; beating drums, chanting, and carrying anti-war signs. One of the most clever read: "Stop Mad Cowboy Disease" above a picture of President Bush.