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Documentary Film On Israeli and Palestinian Conflict Tours Campuses With Message Of Nonviolence

by Dave Goodman / IBIS Radio (Staff), Sep-26-2010


NEWTON/Boston College - “Little Town of Bethlehem,” a documentary featuring the stories of three peace activists - an Israeli and two Palestinians - had its North American premier earlier this week at Boston College in Newton.

Over the next month, the film is screening on university campuses across the U.S. The subjects of the film - a Muslim and Christian from the West Bank and an Israeli Jew – are participating in spirited discussions about the Middle East conflict.

The film draws parallels between the budding nonviolence movement in the region and the crusade for civil and human rights in Muhatma Ghandi’s India and Martin Luther King’s America.

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Upcoming university stops on the tour include DePaul, Carnegie Mellon, Wayne State, Oklahoma Christian, USC, and UC Berkeley.

Previously, Ethnographic Media held events at the University of Rhode Island and the Riverside Church in New York City, the location of Martin Luther King's famous 1967 anti-Vietnam war speech.


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"Little Town of Bethlehem" documentary film tour

Teacher Deported

Foreclosure Crisis


Homeless in Harvard Square

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For Economic Insecurity, Common Security Clubs Promoted As Way to Create A New Economy

by Dave Goodman / IBIS Radio (Staff), Jul-10-2009   

BOSTON/Jamaica Plain - On the third floor of Building L at the Brewery Complex in Jamaica Plain, staffers with the Institute for Policy Studies, the Forum Organizing Project, and the Jamaica Plain Forum, are laboring over a critical question for our times: how to pull people out of the quicksand that is the U.S. economy.

Andree Zaleska, Director of the Forum Organizing Project and Chuck Collins, Institute for Policy Studies Senior Scholar, and their partners with the Grassroots Policy Project and On The Commons, think they have a pretty good answer: "common security clubs."

Inspired by such historical organizations as mutual aid societies and economic cooperatives, these activists believe cooperation and collaboration between and amongst individuals must eventually supplant the "winner take all" and "pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps" attitudes Americans are taught from Kindergarten through old age.

On Common Security Clubs, Collins says "it's a small group, coming together; it's independent, it could be secular...some of them are connected to union locals or neighborhood groups, [and] some of them are connected to religious congregations."

The point, say organizers, is to encourage people to work on solving their economic difficulties along with others facing similar problems. The power of working together, in a cordinated way, sharing information, in a social environment, is an old idea but mostly forgotten or ignored by many Americans.

Several clubs currently meet in the Boston area. A number of others have cropped up in other states as well. Organizers recently held a meeting at the First Church Unitarian Universalist in Jamaica Plain to promote the concept and sign up more people.

Open Media Boston and I.B.I.S. Radio's Dave Goodman prepared the following story about Common Security Clubs:

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AIR Elemental Weeklong Producer Intensive: "Water"

by Dave Goodman / IBIS Radio Producer and Managing Editor

The Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) sponsors a series of week-long workshops for audio producers with the themes of water, fire, earth, and sky.

In the summer of 2008, Dave Goodman was chosen to participate in the "Water" intensive held in New York City at the Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center.

The following is the piece he produced for the class:

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Popular Boston High School Teacher Deported

by Dave Goodman / IBIS Radio (Correspondent), May-23-2008

Agents with the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, acting on a judge's order issued in 2004, this week deported a popular Boston high school teacher. Obain Attouoman [read: oh-ben ' ah-two'-ah-min] came to the United States in 1992 fleeing repression against teachers in his native Ivory Coast.

In 2005, following protests by staff and students from his school, and intervention by Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, the math teacher was granted a two year stay of the judge's order. But since March 2007, he has been living and working in legal limbo. Dave Goodman has our story.

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Local Feature produced for "Homelessness Marathon" broadcast on WMBR, Cambridge (and on radio stations throughout the U.S. during the 2010 homelessness marathon on February 24th)

by Dave Goodman / IBIS Radio (Producer), Feb-20-2008

In Cambridge and Boston, some homeless people work as newspaper vendors, selling "Spare Change News" to passersby on the street. The paper which costs a dollar - vendors make 75 cents per - has managed to survive many twists and turns in the economy. Articles are written by homeless and formerly homeless people and their advocates.

In this report we hear first from Gregory, a colorful hawker of Spare Change News who subsists on the money he makes selling the paper in Harvard Square.


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Feature on Artist Joanne Rice (Mobius Artists Group)

by Dave Goodman / IBIS Radio (Producer), Feb-10-2008

This feature and interview with artist Joanne Rice aired during "RADIO with a VIEW" produced by Dave Goodman and Marc Stern. Ms. Rice's installation comes to a close in October, 2009. We plan to speak with her again before she ends her piece.





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Tenants Left In Limbo by Missing Condo Owners; Advocates Call On Banks To Help Create Housing Coops

by Dave Goodman / IBIS Radio (Staff), Aug-19-2009

BOSTON/Roxbury – Wanda Castle does just about everything the owner of a Boston triple-decker would do to maintain her property, including basic repairs and paying for water and electricity in common areas of the building.

And if this were a normal situation, Ms. Castle – who has lived in this building on the Roxbury/Jamaica Plain border as a tenant for two and a half years - would be paying a regular, stable, rent to live there.

But the situation is anything but normal. Wanda Castle, her fourteen year old daughter, and her neighbor Inell Mendez, are living in limbo as the banks and mortgage service companies that own the three separate condo units of this triple-decker figure out what to do with these properties sitting on the edge of foreclosure; known in banking parlance as “non-performing assets.”




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