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Howard Zinn, 1922 - 2010

Professor Emeritus HOWARD ZINN on RADIO with a VIEW, January 06, 2008

His books "The People's History of the United States" and "Voices of A People's History" (with Anthony Arnove) are being made into a TV documentary. We speak to him on the phone.

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Politics and Halloween:

"America: Is it the greatest force for good in the history of the world" (Senator John McCain) or a nuisance that needs to be exterminated? (Dr. Zaius)"

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JP Forum: Health Care for All!  BENJAMIN DAY

MASS-CARE Executive Director Benjamin Day Ben has written extensively on the politics of health reform, including a recent article on ‘Why Has the Press Failed Us in Reporting on Health Reform?’ Ben has had the privilege of living and getting sick in England, under a universal health care system. [from a presentation recorded at the Jamaica Plain Forum, September 17, 2009]

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Open Media Boston (OMB Audio)

Marla and Angela Gibbs, recorded Aug. 01, 2009

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The following conversation with Marla and Angela Gibbs was recorded Saturday, August 1, over brunch at the Brasserie Jo Restaurant. We definitely talked about making films and television shows and Marla's old television buddies such as Sherman Hemsley, whom she rejoices to point out, continues to be one of her best friends.

But the conversation also turned on such topics as the meaning of a Black President, the evolution of the African-American role in arts and culture, and thoughts on what a true colorblind society would look like.

OMB started out by asking Marla Gibbs to describe some of her most important memories.



Photos by Elise Filo. © Elise Filo 2009



Television Show Destined for New Media Distribution “Shoots” in Boston
(reposted from Open Media Boston dot org - 9/21/08)

Recently, Open Media Boston received a press release which piqued our curiosity. A brand new television drama, to be distributed across a variety of new media formats including digital television, broadband internet, and cell phones, has started principal filming here in Boston.

According to the release – sent by filmmaker, producer, and part time Emerson College faculty member Ashley Triffletti - the pilot is called “Life Without Green,” described as “a political drama about a young Jewish women’s struggle to keep her unraveling life together after her fiancé vanishes in a haze of suspicion.”

In the pilot, Rachel Singer (played by New York City based actress and Executive Producer Abby Phon) has just been appointed director of the fictional Office for Economic and Environmental Innovation (by the way, a much more interesting name than the city’s for real Environment Department). Just prior to the agency’s launch, Rachel’s fiancé Benjamin Green disappears without warning. According to the producers, the search for Green leads to the gambling casinos of Las Vegas and back to Boston. Undoubtedly, the show’s creators hope to explore the multifarious facets of political and environmental deal making in the city, where politics is the closest thing we have to blood sport around here.

On Thursday, September 18, Open Media Boston Publisher and Editor Jason Pramas and News Editor David Goodman discussed the new project with Triffletti, Phon, and Director Ishai Setton. Boston-based writer and creator Adam Roberts was unable to attend the interview, recorded at the studios of radio station WMBR in Cambridge.



   Abby Phon begins the recorded conversation by describing the basic plot
   of the show.



Web Resources:
Abby Phon
Ashley Trifletti
Ishae Setton
Adam W. Roberts



Abby Phon on the set of
"Life Without Green"


"When Hope Triumphs Over Fear: An Invisible Global Revolution"

A presentation by Frances Moore Lappe
(Nov. 1, 2007 - an "oldie" but very goodie!)

Sponsored by the Jamaica Plain Forum

"In 2006 an energized electorate seemed poised to reassert ownership of the democratic process. Since the elections, however, polls show that citizens confidence in government has resumed its downward trend. Far from waning, disillusion and disengagement continue to spread.

Why is this happening, and how can we stop it? Frances Moore Lappe, author of sixteen books, including the 1971 three-million-copy bestseller, Diet for a Small Planet, has some suggestions."

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June 24, 2008

Conversation with Professor SHELDON KRIMSKY (Tufts University Dept. of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning) on...

...The Boston University National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory.

...DNA "data-banking" and race and class. [Council on Responsible Genetics site]

...The $1 billion MA payout to the biosciences industry.  [Boston Globe +

Open Media Boston coverage]

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Memorial Day 2008:

05.26.08 - Veterans for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Military Families Speak Out held a Peace Memorial on the Boston waterfront in Christopher Columbus Park.

Among those who spoke out were Gold Star parents, Melida and Carlos Arredondo (right) of Jamaica Plain, MA. Their son Alexander was killed in Iraq.

[A brief bio of Carlos and Melida Arredondo]


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We spoke with Comedian Wendy Liebman, who visits Boston for one show this week in May:

A benefit for COMMUNITY WORKS on Wednesday, May 21st at 8:00pm at The Comedy Connection in Quincy Market.

It’s a Laughing Matter!” An evening with
Wendy Liebman & Friends.

Wendy Liebman, funny woman, and  frequent guest on late night TV, will be performing at Boston's Comedy Connection on Wednesday, May 21st at 8PM. Tickets are $20 (college students with ID $15). She will be joined by local comics Chris Tabb, Ira Proctor, Amanda Beals, Erin Judge, and Jane Condon. These hilarious folks will help you begin the summer season in good humor. (Proceeds to benefit Community Works)

What Does Community works Do?
Our goal is to develop a stable and growing source of support for our social justice member organizations through participation in the workplace giving campaigns of Massachusetts employers, and through individual sustained giving contributions."

Tickets available at or at the door.



MA State Senator DIANNE WILKERSON (D-Boston) testifying before the House-Senate Joint Committee on the Judiciary on Tuesday May 13, 2008. [Senator's website]

The Committee is considering three bills (H4733, 4734, & 4735 and their Senate counterparts: S2662, 2663, & 2664) that would do three things vis a vis the home foreclosure crisis: 1. Place a 6 month moratorium on all foreclosures, 2. Require just cause for eviction in foreclosed properties, and 3. Require court approval before a foreclosure can go forward...

All three bills are sponsored by the Massachusetts Alliance Against Predatory Lending and opposed by various banks and financial institutions...

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JP Forum: Audio for Earth Day and all days!  MAUDE BARLOW

Author and National Chair of the Council of Canadians, speaks on the dangers of misusing the planet's water supply. [from a presentation recorded at the Jamaica Plain Forum, March 2, 2008]

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National Commission on ICE Misconduct and Violations of the 4th Amendment (UFCW website) hold hearings in Boston, April 7, 2008

Panel #1 (Order of Speakers:)

* Reverend Marc Fallon, Catholic Social Services, Diocese of Fall River

* Juana Garcia (former employee at Michael Bianco in New Bedford) / translations by Corinne Williams, Community Economic Development Corp. of Southeastern MA

* John Willshire-Carrera, Attorney, Greater Boston legal Services

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   * Remarks of MA Senator John Kerry         




Mel King, Boston-based activist, community organizer, teacher, writer, former State Representative, on the power of people to effect changes in the way the government governs media and access to electronic communications. His speech was part of an NAACP/Boston Chapter protest at an FCC hearing on internet communication held 2.25.08 at Harvard Law School in Cambridge...


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photo by Joe (OpenMediaBoston)

Local feature story for the 2008 Homelessness Marathon - "Spare Change News on the streets of Harvard Square" - produced by Dave Goodman)

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Feature on Artist JOANNE RICE (Mobius Artists Group)
(produced by Dave Goodman)

"The Human Cost of War"  aired originally on RADIO with a VIEW, Feb. 10, 2008

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Trinity Church, Copley Square, Boston


Special music and spoken word Mixes by Dave Goodman:

Anti-War and Religion Message (featuring Talia Goodman, George W. Bush, and Jerry Falwell)



Religion and Politics Message (featuring Mike Huckabee, Barack Obama, and Barry Crimmins)