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YES, we've played music during 2009. But we only have four hands. Anyone wish to intern with us and help compile our playlists? Contact us here...

 Recent show adds:

      (September, 2008)

  • Frank Hoier and the Weber Brothers, Lovers and Dollars

  • Fox Japan, Hell

  • Noodle Muffin, Long Live the Spin / More Regime Change

  • Sandman (Chris Sand), Red State Blues

  • Chuck Brodsky, 2 Sets Live

  • Jackson Browne, Time the Conqueror

  • Diipak, (Self Titled Album)

  • Mark Erelli, Delivered

  • Randy Newman, Harps and Angels


          (August, 2008)

  • Michael Franti & Spearhead, All Rebel Rockers

  • The Duhks, "Fast Paced World"

  • Guns and Roses (yes, that G and R), song: "Civil War"

  • Roy Zimmerman, "Thanks for the Support (Live Album)"

  • Everyday Prophets, "Live at Flanagans" (Live Album)

  • Woody Guthrie Tribute Tour Album, "Ribbon of Highway - Endless Skyway" (Compilation)


MORE Music Adds...


2008 Declaration of INTER-dependence (aired July 6, 2008)


David Harris, recorded July 2, 2008 at Community Change Inc., at a public reading of the Frederick Douglass speech, "What to the slave, is the Fourth of July?"

Other participants in the round robin reading - recorded Ibid.

Maria Elena Letona, Executive Director, Centro Presente - recorded July, 2007, Grassroots Radio Conference 12, UMASS Lowell

Edwardo, Siqueira, Board Chair, Brazilian Immigrant Center, recorded April 8, 2008 at MA State House - National Commission on ICE Misconduct Hearings

Yolanda Garcia, recently immigrated to U.S. from Guatemala, recorded Ibid.

Father Marc Fallon, Catholic Charities, Fall River, MA - recorded Ibid.

Frances Moore Lappe, author, activist - recorded at the Jamaica Plain Forum November 1, 2007

Stephen Zunes, Professor of Politics and International Studies, University of San Francisco - recorded April 25, 2008 at the New England United anti-war Conference, Tufts University

Scott Ritter, Marine Colonel and former UNSCOM weapons inspector in Iraq, conversation recorded September 16, 2007


The Fifth Dimension, "The Declaration" (Portrait)

Dr. Didg, "King Tut" (the Devon Mixes)

Magpie, "I'm Gonna Say It Now" (Songs of Dissent LIVE!)

Rachel Rudich & Kory Grossman, "The Triumph of Ariadne and Dionysius (composer: Lou Harrison)

Tom Russell, "Who's Gonna Build Your Wall?" (Wounded Heart of America)

Peter Gabriel, "We Do What We're Told" (So)

Ray Korona Band, "Globalization Blues" (The People are In Charge)

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, "Purple" (Michael Torke's Color Music)

Natalie Merchant, "Which Side Are You?" (Music of Coal:
Mining Songs from the Appalachian Coalfields)

Dead Sea Scribes, "Eye for an Eye" (Arise)

Al Goodman Orchestra, Ray Bloch Choir, "Arms for the Love of America"
(Songs of WWII, composer: Irving Berlin)

Peter Ostruschko, "Baghdad Blues" (Our Side of Town: Red House Records
25th Anniversary Compilation)

Foundation Movement, "Amazing Grace" (personal CD copy)

Wachiavelli, "Judgment Day" (No Justice, No Peace)

Sonia and disappear fear, "Tango" (Tango)

Suzanne Vega, "Bound" (Beauty and Crimes)

Randy Newman, "In Defense of America" (Youtube video)



  Recent show adds:

      (July, 2008)


      (April, 2008)


      (February, 2008)

  • Will Kimbrough, "Americanitis"

  • Kula Shaker, "Strange Folk"

  • David Davenport, "One Brother"

  • John Train, "Mesopotamia Blues"


      (January, 2008)

  • Randy Newman, "In Defense of My Country"

  • Carrie Newcomer, "Geography of Light"

  • Give Us Your Poor: 17 Recordings to Help End Homelessness (compilation)

  • Ed Sanders, "Poems for New Orleans"


      (October, 2007)

  • Dead Sea Scribes, "Arise"

  • Prince, "Planet Earth"

  • Flobots, "Fight with Tools"

  • Tom Russell, "Wounded Heart of America"

"We have some re-building to do on this page, but in the meantime, here's a short list of bands and albums Marc and I have been playing on the show: (no particular order) - dave goodman, Feb. 2, 2007

  • Spicewood Seven,  "Kakistocracy"

  • SONiA, disappear fear, "No Bomb Is Smart"

  • Possum Trot Orchestra, "Harbor Road"

  • Big Red Buttons, "13 Dreams"

  • Prince Myshkins, "Total Myshkin Awareness"

  • Audrey Martel, "Life Lines"

  • Kris Kristofferson, "This Old Road"

  • Jim' Big Ego, "Support the Truth"

  • Po' Girl, "Home to You"

  • Danny Django, "Touch the Sky"

  • Circus of the Shattered Monkey (compilation), Le Cirque: The Soundtrack

    [Poet William James Austin backed by the touring band Hypaspace, performs "Desolation Circus"]

  • Music from WWII: A Salute to a Memorable Era! (compilation)

  • John Hammond, "Push Comes To Shove"

  • Bryan McPherson, "Fourteen Stories"


2007 CHRISTMAS SEX Show (12.23.07)

           - clip from film "Orgasmo" (PhD from MIT)
              - Beastie Boys, "Ricky's Theme"
              - Paul Reffel (clip from 2006 Xmas Sex Show)
              - Pat Godwin, "Ho Ho Ho" (Reindeer Games)
              - John C. Reilly & Jenna Fischer, "Let's Duet"
                (Soundtrack: Walk Hard, The Dewey Cox Story)
              - clip from TV's "Family Guy" (clean as a Jewish porno)
              - Four Bitchin' Babes, "Viagra in the Water" (Beyond Bitchin')
              - Julie Sabatier interviewing a phone sex worker ("D.I.Y. Portland")
              - David & Marc interview Bill Baird (live on phone)
              - Marvin Gaye, "Lets Get it On" (Marvin's Greatest Hits)
              - clip from sex-play "Bush F*cks the Country" (Origin unknown)
              - Unorthodox, "The Porno Made Me Do It" (What I Like About Jew)
              - David & Marc interview Paul Reffel / Global Orgasm for Peace
                (live on phone)
              - Rachel Arieff, "John Ashcroft Love Song" (Internet download)
              - Jello Biafra, "Lost Orgasm" (I Blow Minds for a Living)
              - Bastard Fairies, "Memento Mori" (Memento Mori)
              - Excerpt from Julie Sabatier's "Too Hot for Radio" (Jerking Off)
              - Isaac Hayes, "No Substitute" (Chef Aid: The South Park Album)
              - Madonna & Massive Attack, "I Want You" (Inner City Blues: The Music
                of Marvin Gaye)
              - Rick James, "Give It To Me Baby" (Ultimate Collection)



Neil Young's "Living With War" Song Page:


A compendium of nearly 2,300 topical protest songs!!


"Jazz will endure as long as people hear it through their feet instead of their brains."

- John Philip Souza (Nov. 6, 1854 - Mar. 6, 1932)


"People will endure as long as they hear music through their brains as well as their feet."

- David Goodman (Feb. 17, 1959 - ?)


"...ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch is deeeeead."

Jerry Falwell's God, by Roy Zimmerman


Check This Out:

Music compiled by Peace-Not-War

I'm the Decider!!



We heard from some listeners who wanted to know a little more about the elements we used on EAR VIEW MIRROR on January 16, 2005.


The GW Bush state of the union parody:


"What a Wonderful World," The Porter Music Box Company presents Easy
                                        Listening Favorites No.1

"Bomb the World," Michael Franti, Everyone Deserves Music (2004)

"Moments in Love," Art of Noise, Who's Afraid of... (1984)

"Something's Gotta Give,"
Sammy Davis Jr., The Ratpack: Boys Night Out (2004)

"Hunters," Dragonfly, Timestream (1997)